Got Milk?

Had a late night msn conversation with a friend in Syd. and both of us decided that it was not easy finding a brand that has strong on & offline presence (besides the usual suspects, Nike, Coke, etc…). Lying in bed and could not get to bed, I decided to have a glass of warm milk… and then it came to me – Got milk?

This American campaign is well executed in print, outdoor, radio, TV & online. It created awareness about the benefits of milk. The awareness & consumption of milk in Amercia has increase year after year adter a 20 year slump in the 80’s. Strong branding. Strong presence.

The first TVC of Got Milk?

The infamous moustache in print ads

Using celebrity - Chris Brown

Using celebrity - Chris Brown

Online Experience

– Click on the image below to find out more about the brand 🙂 gotmilk


~ by pennycai on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Got Milk?”

  1. Nice find dude – I thought it was a tough brief to find as well. I’ve ended up with Happiness Factory and also the Cascade Green work as a local example.

    The other interesting part of your post is the use of celebrity in advertising with the Chris Brown example. I used to work on Pepsi so am versed in both the strengths and pitfalls of using celebrities in advertising – could it possibly be seen that Chris Brown got his strength from drinking milk? I dare say that if this creative was running recently it would have been yanked, much like the 2009 NRL campaign that got yanked and re-edited over the weekend due to some rugby league star’s (alleged) indiscretion…

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