Take 02 – my favourite blogs, slides & videos

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I had been offline for a couple of days and I found it really difficult to keep myself updated with all the social media updates. Came across this article today and this is really good insight into the current social media trends. We are struggling to keep up with realtime information from all our subscriptions and blogs. Maybe a social media integrator with search functionality? Is there something in the market that I am unaware of?
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Building tribes, being connected. All part of the current trend of branding. Moving into the digital space is on the rise. In my opinion, musicians seem to be paving the way. Looking for innovative ways to stay and be connected to their fans. Found this article and video on the release NIN iphone app. The app is really well thought out and I am amaze about the layers of functionalities and depth it has. I will like to download this app and have a play… but I can’t find it!

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Watch the demo video:

About branding:

New brands pop up everyday and how hard is it to ‘sell it in’ to the consumers. The formula on slide 22 explains what the fundamental of what the consumer needs to feel – Trust. Big word for a brand. A brand is not built overtime and definitely one that needs constant monitoring, revolution and dialogues.

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Take 01 – my favourite blogs, slides & videos

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I read and screen through so many blogs, slides & videos a week. Will update the ones that are memorable, interesting and useful. 

Blog: How to embrace the process of social media

Alot of hype on social media. It seems like real hardwork to get the brand out there in the cluttered market. Is it about shouting out loud or is it about the ‘seeping’ it into the social veins and allow  ‘others’ to do all the work for us? It is still hard work and it is a fulltime job that both agency and client has to commit to. Agree? 

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Video 1: The Perils of Social Networking Sites

Just poking fun on facebook…. I find it quite entertaining. 

Video 2: Friend request – Hooking Up

Imagine facebook, myspace & friendster as housemates.

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Slide: Online media & search trends

Summarising the US trend in 2008 but I believe it stays true in 2009 and in the Aussie landscape.

Got Milk?

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Had a late night msn conversation with a friend in Syd. and both of us decided that it was not easy finding a brand that has strong on & offline presence (besides the usual suspects, Nike, Coke, etc…). Lying in bed and could not get to bed, I decided to have a glass of warm milk… and then it came to me – Got milk?

This American campaign is well executed in print, outdoor, radio, TV & online. It created awareness about the benefits of milk. The awareness & consumption of milk in Amercia has increase year after year adter a 20 year slump in the 80’s. Strong branding. Strong presence.

The first TVC of Got Milk?

The infamous moustache in print ads

Using celebrity - Chris Brown

Using celebrity - Chris Brown

Online Experience

– Click on the image below to find out more about the brand 🙂 gotmilk

The hire

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First of 8 in a series made by BMW in 2001/2. A classic example of branded content.